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  • Hello from Dakota, Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2017

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    April 27, 2017

    Hello friends! Welcome to my Blog. I am so honoured to represent my province in the upcoming nationals pageant held in Toronto Ontario in August. Back in march I competed in Miss Teen Alberta pageant and won first runner up winning myself the title of Miss Teenage Southern Alberta 2017. I am super ecstatic for my upcoming events I will be attending ... View Post

  • A Blog For Every Fellow Messy Bun, Pizza Eating, Netflix Binger

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    April 26, 2017

    "But in telling the truth, you choose among many true stories which true story to tell." -John Green in 'Framing' After taking a little break from social media after the holidays, I found myself starting my Monday morning, for a lack of better words—unmotivated and uninspired. Dragging myself out of bed and into the shower that day was such a chore. These ... View Post

  • Dreams Turning Into Reality

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    April 25, 2017

    Hi everyone…. Its Nicole here again! A few months have passed since I’ve last posted on my blog, and I have to say that I missed you all <3 These last few weeks, so many dreams had come true for me and I got to experience moments that I have dreamed of my entire life. Being able to share all ... View Post

  • Hello from Sarah, Miss Teenage Cardston County 2017

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    April 24, 2017

    Heyy! Wow I am so excited for this year! I can not wait to get started! I will start off first by introducing myself… Hello, my name is Sarah Maher and I am from Magrath Alberta.  I want this blog to be personal and fun for you all to read. The only way I can achieve this is if you ... View Post

  • My Trip to Europe

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    April 24, 2017

    If I was asked to sum up my trip to Europe this April in one word, I think I would end up slurring words like; awesome, excellent, breath-taking, phenomenal, and just-wow into one unrecognizable sound. [caption id="attachment_326" align="alignright" width="300"] My sister and me in front of the canals by the Anne Frank house[/caption] On April 6th, I left Canada with a ... View Post

  • Crimson Wings: A New Beginning

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    April 24, 2017

    In August of 2015, I traveled Tanzania with Me to We on a build trip. It was the most amazing experience and I learned so much. I've always had a desire to help people and that trip only made it stronger. [caption id="attachment_418" align="alignnone" width="300"] A group of world changers![/caption] I was inspired to do more work and once I got home, ... View Post

  • Volunteering for Party for the Planet

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    April 23, 2017

    Happy earth day! Today I volunteered for an event in Surrey called Party for the Planet, they're all about getting people in the community involved in taking care of our planet. There were engaging performances, information booths, selfie stations, recycle zones, and many more fun activities for people of all ages to partake in. I was at the Doors Open booth ... View Post