MTC Contestant Blog Scoring

40% Technical prowess
30% Originality, creativity and storytelling
30% Quality of work in 3 assignments

Three important criteria for Judging the Miss Teen Canada Blog Network

40% Technical Prowess – Are there two pictures in every post as required? Are these photos aligned either left or right (good), or are they left unformatted in the center of the doc? or at the end of the doc? Are links in text under words as they should be, or are they exposed, naked links showing the ‘ http’ of the hypertext transfer protocols? (that’s ugly) Are there any unsightly gaps in the content? in the post text, or in the sidebar Bio bytes? Are there any broken links? Does everything work?
30% Originality – Did the blogger get creative and tell some exciting, interesting or informative stories in a unique and original manner? Did they post about any fun and unusual elements of their lives? Did they go beyond the call of duty and break a local story or somehow offer insider or expert knowledge? We encourage bloggers to write about their preparations for the national pageant, and being creative here can really help attract a national following.
30% Quality of work, Blog Assignments. Did the blogger complete all three assignments correctly and on time? Were there any problems with the work? Too short? too long? What about the quality of pictures? Is it celebrity magazine quality journalism? BONUS What has the blogger done to promote readership of their blog?



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