The Search for Miss Teenage Canada Delegates have some digital housekeeping to do as they inherit their predecessor’s blogs (or new regional domains). Here’s a list of first things they must do to streamline their platforms:

Miss Teen Blogger To Do List

1. Update your blog Headshots, to show readers who is blogging,

How To Update Headshots

headshots in profileClick on the “Headshots’ link in the navigation menu at the left side of the screen. Authors will see the list of headshots stored in the media library.

the headshots option in sidebar expandsClick on any headshot to open it.

Update the name of the headshot (currently ‘Replace this with your own headshot’) then click on the image to bring up the  ‘Set Featured Image’ popup.

headshots media upload in blog network

Users can drag and drop an image into this area or click the ‘Select Files’ button to browse their computer.

Once it is uploaded authors simply have to click the ‘Use as Featured Image’ link. Then click ‘Update’ on the post to ensure the headshot is saved.

2. Write your introductory post.

See instructions here 



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