As part of the 2017 Search for Miss Teenage Canada, each official Regional Delegate must introduce themselves and their platform on their region’s blog. Each post under their pen name today helps advance their campaign for the 2017 Miss Teenage Canada crown.

Each Delegate’s Quest for the 2017 Miss Teenage Canada Crown Requires Exhibiting Digital Communication Prowess

Every Delegate enrolled in the 2017 Search for Miss Teenage Canada competition has the inherent ability to shine online simply by using the digital tools provided on their regional blogs. Blogging on these powerful portals, they’re encouraged to communicate their hopes. dreams and aspirations toward making Canada a better place, starting with their own region.

The 2017 Search for Miss Teenage Canada has three blog challenges. These assignments are graded at 3% percent each with the 1% added for the prerequisite Introductory post, for a total of ten points toward their score in the overall competition.

windsor detroit bridge#1 Travel Blog – Become Your Region’s Travel Ambassador

The first challenge asks all Delegates to blog about their favourite place inside their region. This is a unique opportunity to become the official ambassador for a local family-run establishment or quaint local tourist attraction, or scenic location or whatever you like. We expect to see hot spots from Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia to Zeballos Inlet, gateway to Nootka Sound in British Columbia.  Show us Canada!

Your travel blog post on your provincial portal should be at least six hundred words, and have two or three original pictures. We also expect you’ll link to your featured business’s website (once is best).

The most interesting and satisfying travel journalism tells readers a story about the author explaining WHY and HOW this particular hot spot became their favourite place.

#2 Fashion Blog – Write and Submit a Fashion Article to Street Chic, then Promote Your Article on your Blog!Street Chic - fashion magazine

The second blog challenge is complicated, but rewarding on many levels. We are using our blogs to help grow a new online Canadian fashion look-book style magazine called Street Chic. Edited by Lily Liao this digital publication is made by the people for the people. Lily and her staff at this ad-free journal are hoping young Canadians like yourselves will show us what you think are the best fashions on-the-street.

Once again we expect six hundred words of detailed explanation about who the people are (no names) and what they are wearing – labels, colours, materials, and of course designer’s names and the stores where the fashions were purchased and even the prices paid if possible. We also want to know what street you selected. The street is very much part of the story in Street Chic – read this example, COMING SOON.

Street Chic in Toronto

Executing this assignment will require following these five steps.

First you must venture forth and find (arrange) inspiring fashions in your area. Its important that you photograph the subjects on the street in your small town or city.

Secondly as indicated earlier, authors must record their subject’s first names (only) and write a bit about WHO they are, and then detail exactly what they’re wearing. Your article should have the who, what, where, when (no why or how required). The post should be about 600 words..

The Third Step is to email the article draft to Rob AT Smojoe DOT com as well as Info AT Streetchic DOT ca. The article can be pasted into the body of the email or attached as a Word doc but WITHOUT PICTURES. The images for your article should be included as jpgs or pngs separately, attached to the submission email.

Fourthly you must patiently wait until the editors and administrators at Street Chic lay out your article submission and publish your work.

Finally promote your published post on your own blog. Add another picture (ideally one you didn’t use in the original piece) and truncate the best parts of your article into your promotional blog post on your MWC provincial blog. This is good digital marketing.  Show us all the fashions you advocate on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ as you promote both pieces. (Include @Roberrific on Twitter to alert me.)

PRIZES – there are prizes for the top five posts and Lily Liao and Rob Campbell will score and combine #visits to the article as the final metric. Prizes to be awarded at the 2017 Sponsor Party – every blogger gets a Street Chic T-Shirt.

experience the sponsor party

#3 Event Blogger –  Communicate the Experience of Attending the 2017 Miss Teenage Canada Sponsor Party as VIP.

The third and final challenge is to write about a event full blog post with pictures and anecdotes detailing ALL of the many business people present at the 2017 Miss Teenage Canada Sponsor Party on the first night of the pageant experience week in Toronto.

Does that sound hard? It’s actually the easiest of the three challenges because all Delegates have to do is expand a prefabricated hot script with names, business logos and website links already prepared and sent ahead as ‘hot script’. Delegates simply have to add pictures and their own stories.


Assignments #1 and #2 should be completed before the end of the July.



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