2013 Miss Teenage Canada Blog Network, Assignment Number Three

signature towel, personal towel, monogrammed giftImagine that you’re a marketing company executive in charge of creating a thirty second television spot for Signature Towels to market their personalized towels which is one of three products they need help making more findable on the internet.

Create a VISUAL TREATMENT and CONTEXT that is simply a blog post with pictures explaining what you would do for 30 seconds (which is a long time in TV) if we gave you the budget to film a TV commercial.  Please explains exactly what your ad agency would do if you won the job and the $250K  budget to shoot a TV spot with actors and cameras and sets etc – tell us your plan, and use pictures to set the tone.

What is your big idea?  What amazing piece of creative marketing do you envision that will win your ad agency the job?  Judges are on the client side asking to see a treatment and hear (read) your pitch.

I was trying to imagine what I might do if I was challenged like this … for a custom embroidered towel company? What are the options? And then I came up with the idea of trying to capture a typical Canadian beach scene…  That catchy song by the singer ‘Tiffany’ is playing in the background.. “I think we’re alone now. There doesn’t seem to be any one around…”   then the camera finds a personalized towel on Echo Beach far away in time… and its a mystery… where is the person that owns this towel?

this is Dreamstime stock photo, personalized towel on shingle beach . typical Canadian beach is uncomfortableA typical Canadian beach is not white sand and palm trees and light blue water, but rather uncomfortable gravel and cold shale like this rock strewn lake front. Its a lonely desolate place that’s frozen nine months of the year.  Imagine finding a personalized towel in this barren moonscape.  A personalized towel says someone cares and it would be so out of place here, so iconic and unforgettable when imaged here…

What kind of people would bring a signature towel to this kind of beach?  Is that a bath towel or a beach towel? or is it a personalized golf towel?

That would be the setting of my commercial, and I would go on and on for another 800 words showing barren landscapes and hanging the personalized hand towel off dead trees and making a ‘fashion-in-the-wilderness’ type  surrealist art piece. But you know I reckon the sponsor would probably prefer something more mainstream… What have you got?

Links to sponsor – pick one target only and make a hyperlink; make the words link to the URL,
1) make the word ‘personalized towels’ link to http://www.signaturetowels.com/Hand-Towel-p/0670.htm
2) make the word ‘personalized golf towel’ link to http://www.signaturetowels.com/Personalized-Golf-Towel-p/0680.htm
3) make the word ‘personalized bath towel’ links to http://www.signaturetowels.com/Personalized-Bath-Towel-p/0620.htm

PICK ONE ONLY – Do not link out from your blog to two or three products but rather just pick and focus on one target.

monogrammed towels, plush towel, cottonSignature Towels is famous for making high quality monogrammed towels that are perfect gifts because they convey a personal touch – like they are from someone who really cares about the recipient.

Signature Towels embroidered items are perfect for weddings, and make truly exceptional house warming gifts and graduation presents.

Put together and present to us readers and Blog Judges a 1000 word written TREATMENT of your creative idea to sell this custom towel personalization service and include pictures of actors (with towels?) sets, ideas, recreations, or magazine ‘look book’ clippings to convey the mood, or settings or a significant plot point in your narrative TV commercial – it has to be at least 30 seconds long and that means about 15 good ideas because two seconds is a long time on screen. We want a breakdown of the spot – a pitch that you might show a creative director or brand manager. Lets see how well you can show and tell your creative ideas.

Put the name of the Featured Product in the Title of the Blog Post (ie.,  My Skydiving Spot for Personalized Bath Towels at Prairie Town) and put that same product name in the keyword tags.

Its time for you to have a monogrammed bathrobe just like a big shot TV executive !

Deadline for this assignment is July 7, 2013

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2013 Miss Teenage Canada Blog Network Assignment Number Two

niagara falls dinner at the skylon towerEvery city or town in every region of Canada has something special that intrigues people for some reason or another. Everywhere you go in this land there is something beautiful or historic, or in some way unique and memorable to behold.  There’s a special place inside the borders of every region of Canada. Please describe the place in your hometown that brings in tourists from miles around to see or do or experience something they will never forget.  This is the place that puts your region ‘on the map’ and as the cultural teen ambassador, here’s your chance to do your duty and describe its appeal to any would-be visitors that are reading your blog.

This is the 2nd blog assignment and it asks Miss Teens to become ‘citizen journalists’ but instead of tech bloggers, here they must become travel bloggers and to write an honest review of their experience at their own region’s tourist hotspot. Put the name of the hotspot in the title of the blog post. You must take pictures and use at least two images of the venue in your post – also you could make and embed a video…?

To thank the sponsor, simply write ‘Thanks Niagara Falls for sponsoring the Miss Teenage Canada 2nd blog challenge’ and you will be entered in the #2 contest for prize.

Here is an example of embedding video in a blog post,

The best travel Travel Blogs start with who, what, where, when and why the author visited the place and the best blogs have lots of pictures and maybe even some video? The best travel blogs have magazine quality pictures that go from wide to close – wide perspectives from the air, or from the road, and then medium and then close on food and drink – show parking lot perspectives the general public sees from the road and then move in closer and closer to finally dwell on a human and his or her hands on plates of food in the kitchen at the center of it all. Skylon Niagara Falls tourist attraction elementThat’s the format for the travel blogs that we like to read.

Make sure and thank the sponsor  http://www.skylon.com under the keyword text ‘Niagara Falls’ or ‘Niagara Falls attractions’ or ‘Niagara Falls restaurants’  – or simply write ‘Thanks Niagara Falls for sponsoring the Miss Teenage Canada 2nd blog challenge’, and you will be eligible for prizes and commendations on July 20th (including a 1 day 1 night sightseeing trip to Niagara Falls! * or $500 if unable to accommodate)

The Biggest Tourist Attraction in Canada is Niagara Falls

So is Niagara Falls Skylon Tower Canada’s foremost tourist attraction – tied with CN tower?, but the , and one talented travel blogger and her best friend will WIN a trip for two plus two parents (four people total) to visit this World Class attraction and stay for a night at Holiday Inn by the Lake (two rooms)  the day AFTER the pageant in Toronto.  They will enjoy free transportation to and from Niagara Falls to Toronto International Airport (if required, or any portal) plus a  superb evening meal by the window of the Skylon Tower to see and remember forever Canada’s most breathtaking natural attraction as it rotates past diners outside the windows of this famous revolving restaurant.

The challenge ends July 3rd 2013.

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2013 Miss Teenage Canada Blog Network Assignment Number One

tiocoat flat roofExplain what makes a green building? Show us one good example of a green building in your town. There must be one? This is a tech blog assignment for green citizen journalists. The challenge ends July 3rd 2013   There are amazing prizes (five or more professional digital cameras for bloggers plus a grand prize TBD) for the top blogs courtesy of Tiocoat flat roof, and other sponsors.  Link to sponsor Tiocoat . com in your blog under the word ‘flat roof’ or ‘white roof’ or ‘rubber roof’ as sponsor of blog challenge only (you do not have to look for flat roof or white roof examples), just write about green buildings of any description, perhaps a greenhouse? or that green mansion where you cut the grass one summer?

What is a Green Building? What’s The Greenest Building Around?

Tiocoat is coolest white roof solution for flat roof

As energy efficient building practices become more mainstream, terms like “green building” and “LEED certified” have become a part of the common lexicon. But what does it all mean? Despite our growing familiarity with these terms, most Canadians do not fully understand the key components that contribute to the energy efficiency rating ? of a commercial or residential building.

Your task is to explain to everyone ‘what is a green building?’ and then show us an example of an energy efficient structure in your town or region. Sponsored by Tiocoat flat roof solutions this company makes a white roof or rubber roof coating that is guaranteed for the life of the building.  If every building had a white roof the whole world would be cooler.  Also green lawn care with sustainable equipment adds to a property’s environmental footprint.

How do you know what makes a building ‘green’?

white roof in Toronto

Green Star is a comprehensive, national, voluntary environmental rating system that evaluates the environmental design and construction of buildings scale ; the ‘greenness’ of a building seems to be determined by adding up the active and passive methods that the building uses to conserve energy and subtracting any places where it wastes energy.

REQUIREMENTS Each post should have two pictures explaining the architecture and exploring at least two different facets of energy conservation. Beyond the obvious examples of green retrofitting, like a whole array of microfit program solar panels and overflowing rain water collection buckets, look for the hard-to-spot innovations like intelligent thermostats, automatic blinds on windows, high tech basement flooring and insulated wall panels and stuff that you wouldn’t even think about unless you went looking for them. Even a row of shady trees could be considered a positive innovation. These improvements add to the environmental rating of ‘sustainable building’ and help make it ‘green’.

Readers of your blog will want details on recent breakthroughs in building design or new Space Age materials technology.

green building, garden terraces, solar energy building, greenhouse, glass steel building, living spaces

If you report that a local building has been built with some kind advanced polymer bricks on the outside of its walls, we readers (and sponsors, and blog judges) will want to know why the bricks and mortar are so advanced. What makes them so special? Explain the science to us.  Do you have anything in town like this? This building is the world’s foremost example of ‘rooftop planting’ . What green wonder do you have in your town?

Look for innovations inside and outside the featured structures. What about new style sunrooms, and the space age glass in the panes?  There’s advanced glass that has been developed with built-in sun shades and other silicon soda blends now have selenium inside so they harness the sunlight and collect solar energy!  Other types of glass are bird proof and make bird friendly building materials which is another form of environmental conservation.

green building of the future

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Hello Miss Teenage Canada Delegates from across Canada in 2013 MTC Blog Network. I’m Robert Campbell or Smojoe   Here’s me beside Katrina Hayden a speaker at 2012 Mentor night and VIP guest at the 2012 grand finale pageant event at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto. On behalf of the admin and sponsors let me say, welcome to the 2013 MTC Blog Network; its official, you’re in the army.

Its a fact that when all delegates work together they become a powerful blog army and its my challenge to find Canadian businesses that want to use this symphony of teen voices to make change and tell their business stories on the web, across the nation.  So I especially encourage all 2013 Miss Teen bloggers to activate the social media sharing buttons on the bottom of their sidebar bio boxes.  Use the Facebook, Twitter etc buttons and employ whatever else you can find as social media amplifiers to widen content dissemination. Authors please do keep writing on these blogs and continue to use your assigned blog domain after the pageant event in July to preserve a living legacy of your tenure as 2013 Regional Delegate in the Miss Teenage Canada organization, right up until December 2013. The content you create will never be deleted, and so its very possible that you will show your daughter this web blog one day, and she might even show her daughter this copy, many years from now.

Zack Werner Judge at 2012 Miss Teen Canada WorldRight now is an exciting time that gets more and more thrilling each day leading up to the moment you all meet each other in Toronto in mid July. Before that life-changing week in Toronto there will be a series of challenging blog assignments.

Prizes will be dispensed on stage in July as part of the stage show for the lucky few overachievers, but its important to remember that each teen competitor’s blog is worth 10% of their final score in the pageant.  Even more important to remember is that learning how to blog and make proper HTML web copy with pictures and text (and video embeds?) is probably the most important skill a young person can have in the workplace.

This year on July 20th 2013 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto we’re going to find out who did it best.  Read about last year’s Blog Network and the efforts of the social media queen Danica Cox and the 2012 Miss Teenage Canada pageant event in general on this hub page. full of original pictures and text detailing the rise of Megha Sandhu. Also examine this Distillery District blog post about an impromptu scavenger hunt in July 2012 in which many local businesses donated prizes.

Miss Teen Canada Blog Challenges

Everyone knows Marshall Mcluhan’s mantra, ‘the medium is the message‘ and this is perhaps never more true than in a Miss Teenage Canada Regional Delegate’s web blogs.  These are the voices of the future. The storytelling is fresh and original;  I am proud to be a 2013 Blog Judge.

BLOG JUDGES along with Christi Woolard whom I hope will also post a few words about herself here.

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A Call for Pictures of People and Places in Pageant Week

If its not too much trouble, I’d like bloggers to post pictures of their summer activities on their blogs. Share with us your best pictures from the summer and give a shout out to friends in the photos. Here’s a shot of 18yr old Megha Sandhu when she came to visit and we had lunch in Pure Spirits oyster restaurant in Toronto at the very beginning of her reign. I wrote up the occasion in 2013 Miss Teenage Canada in Distillery District Blog.
Pure Spirits, dining, oysters, crown, Miss Teen Canada

Megha Sandhu at The Distillery District with Segway Dealership

Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good video

Presented by Aveda Institute Professional Hair and Make-Up Schools, the Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good video  was made by combining thirty or more bits from 2012 regional delegates video submissions.

The videos that were included here are the best of the best, but you can see all of the submissions by navigating over to the Miss Teen Canada Blog Network Video Page.

Congratulations Somer McNeil . And thanks again to Somer McNeil for the write up about the Look Good Do Good Feel Good video challenge on her blog, wherein she explains how Starfire, a trained carrier pigeon, doubled for the seabird that needed rescue.

There’s no doubt, beauty superheroes do help make the world a better place.

Squidoo Lens mashes up good memories of 2012 Regional Delegates

There are already a great many stories, images and videos stored on the 2012 Miss Teenage Canada Regional Delegates Squidoo Lens which will forever archive the 2012 event participants against the backdrop of their blogs and achievements.  The first posts are sponsored by Toronto roof.  You can see a comprehensive index of the 2012 Regional Delegate’s very first introductory blog posts in the Scavenger Hunt Chronicles recorded on the Distillery District blog.

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2013 Miss Teen Canada World, Megha wins

Hello Miss Teens,  (I started with Hi Guys’ and then remembered Zack Werner’s rant about that ! Ha hah)

Rob Campbell here – sorry for the extended leave of absence but it has taken me this long to recover from Saturday July 21st ! What an amazing night after a whirlwind week of exciting activities in Toronto . From my perspective I’d like to say that everything  was  exceptionally well done this year. And for you teens it must have been mind blowing experience as you were swept along and part of the full colour spectacle. Wow. I can only imagine what it must be like… Just as I can only hypothesize about  the existential moments of self pity and emptiness that followed… In those moments, the writer lives.

Congratulations Megha Sandhu on your crowning achievement. Congrats to Somer McNeil, and Miss Teen Montreal for being 2012 Miss Congeniality. Congrats to Jennifer Robitaille for appearing Most Photogenic, and Danica Cox for being the most prolific blogger and trend-setting Social Media Queen ever, and to Sasha Stewart for being the People’s Choice. And who else? I’m doing this from memory.  Angie Mellen’s post Its all Done brought a tear to my eye. Gina’s post Day 5,6,7,8,9 Nationals in Toronto is another great wrap-up. Chloe Fulton wrote a summary. Who else?

Are you thinking about writing a summary post? Please do and email me the URL . I’ve been writing piles of them. Can you find them on search engines?

teen bloggers, Canada, network, SEO

A note of thanks to 2012 Miss Teen Canada – World bloggers

Thanks to everyone here at the blog network headquarters for making things happen this year and I look forward to working with you to implement Blog Badges either late this year, or next year depending on how hard it is… Im going to send this thanks out as a newsletter too, just to keep that communication medium alive and active.

Updates from hair school video challenge

Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good video project.  A video is being cut to music that will evidence over thirty beauty superheroes in action, all across Canada.

 hairstylist, training, hair school, beauty, superheroAveda Institute gift card prizes for Look Good Do Good Feel Good video media promotional campaign have been mailed. Thanks again to the folks who campaigned for votes and congrats to the top ten campaigners who will be spending $100 courtesy of Aveda Institute top professional hair school in Canada. Please enjoy these great natural health and lifestyle products, and feel free to blog about them!


You wait and see what we do with that. It’s going to be cool. I want to make an ensemble piece to show sponsors that we can reach people all across Canada.

Monthly – Most Popular Blogger in July 2012

miss teen eastern ontario, and miss teen edmonton both winMOST POPULAR BLOGGER JULY 2012

is a badge that will be issued to both Miss Teen Eastern Ontario and Miss Teen Edmonton as these blogs are so close in traffic volume and … what the heck… the badge don’t cost us anything!

Let’s discuss the traffic numbers – they are very good and truly prove that people care. In July 2012 the network array received over 25,000 unique visits!

My memories of Toronto

Walking around and pitching in wherever I was needed on Saturday July 21st,  I had a full day experience and snapped a lot of pictures – you can see entire gallery of 390+ pictures of Miss Teen Canada – World 2012 , July 21 in Toronto on Dumpdiggers Photobucket and if you get the program to slideshow the right way on a big enough TV you can actually have my experience and relive the entire day from my perspective, one photo at a time in chronological order

mash-up Toronto, media, Miss Teen CanadaAs the 2012 MTCW Blog Network administrator and judge I should probably have given a final speech!

I had thought that I should prepare a speech and say some words after the pageant. I saw most of  you in the hallway behind and below the stage of the theatre after the show, and I was thinking then and now that was the time to say a few stirring words.  And the words I should have said would be,

Congratulations on making a chisel mark in history. Posterity will remember 2012 Search for Miss Teen Canada World event and all 64 participants forevermore, because its part of Canada’s cultural mise-en-scene, fashion and beauty mosaic … just as its part of your life story now.  No documentary film can be made about you, and not have this chapter. What do you know about yourself today that you didn’t know before you started this journey? That is your story.

Megha Sandhu records all elements of his daughter's journeyAnd I would add that writing ‘your story’ and making careful memories of your experiences on your blog, heretofore provided for exactly this purpose, is an excellent cathartic exercise because its a very public reckoning and confidence building action.

Lastly I would caution writers that the blogs remain available until December 2012, and nobody should say goodbye  until that time as there will be some blog-for-cash opportunities and creative assignments coming down the pipe in the fall.

Do you want your score and more sage advice for improving your blog skills? email me

I will add more later if I think about it – remind me – ask some questions and I will add a frequently asked questions section



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