2013 Miss Teenage Canada Blog Network, Assignment Number Three

signature towel, personal towel, monogrammed giftImagine that you’re a marketing company executive in charge of creating a thirty second television spot for Signature Towels to market their personalized towels which is one of three products they need help making more findable on the internet.

Create a VISUAL TREATMENT and CONTEXT that is simply a blog post with pictures explaining what you would do for 30 seconds (which is a long time in TV) if we gave you the budget to film a TV commercial.  Please explains exactly what your ad agency would do if you won the job and the $250K  budget to shoot a TV spot with actors and cameras and sets etc – tell us your plan, and use pictures to set the tone.

What is your big idea?  What amazing piece of creative marketing do you envision that will win your ad agency the job?  Judges are on the client side asking to see a treatment and hear (read) your pitch.

I was trying to imagine what I might do if I was challenged like this … for a custom embroidered towel company? What are the options? And then I came up with the idea of trying to capture a typical Canadian beach scene…  That catchy song by the singer ‘Tiffany’ is playing in the background.. “I think we’re alone now. There doesn’t seem to be any one around…”   then the camera finds a personalized towel on Echo Beach far away in time… and its a mystery… where is the person that owns this towel?

this is Dreamstime stock photo, personalized towel on shingle beach . typical Canadian beach is uncomfortableA typical Canadian beach is not white sand and palm trees and light blue water, but rather uncomfortable gravel and cold shale like this rock strewn lake front. Its a lonely desolate place that’s frozen nine months of the year.  Imagine finding a personalized towel in this barren moonscape.  A personalized towel says someone cares and it would be so out of place here, so iconic and unforgettable when imaged here…

What kind of people would bring a signature towel to this kind of beach?  Is that a bath towel or a beach towel? or is it a personalized golf towel?

That would be the setting of my commercial, and I would go on and on for another 800 words showing barren landscapes and hanging the personalized hand towel off dead trees and making a ‘fashion-in-the-wilderness’ type  surrealist art piece. But you know I reckon the sponsor would probably prefer something more mainstream… What have you got?

Links to sponsor – pick one target only and make a hyperlink; make the words link to the URL,
1) make the word ‘personalized towels’ link to http://www.signaturetowels.com/Hand-Towel-p/0670.htm
2) make the word ‘personalized golf towel’ link to http://www.signaturetowels.com/Personalized-Golf-Towel-p/0680.htm
3) make the word ‘personalized bath towel’ links to http://www.signaturetowels.com/Personalized-Bath-Towel-p/0620.htm

PICK ONE ONLY – Do not link out from your blog to two or three products but rather just pick and focus on one target.

monogrammed towels, plush towel, cottonSignature Towels is famous for making high quality monogrammed towels that are perfect gifts because they convey a personal touch – like they are from someone who really cares about the recipient.

Signature Towels embroidered items are perfect for weddings, and make truly exceptional house warming gifts and graduation presents.

Put together and present to us readers and Blog Judges a 1000 word written TREATMENT of your creative idea to sell this custom towel personalization service and include pictures of actors (with towels?) sets, ideas, recreations, or magazine ‘look book’ clippings to convey the mood, or settings or a significant plot point in your narrative TV commercial – it has to be at least 30 seconds long and that means about 15 good ideas because two seconds is a long time on screen. We want a breakdown of the spot – a pitch that you might show a creative director or brand manager. Lets see how well you can show and tell your creative ideas.

Put the name of the Featured Product in the Title of the Blog Post (ie.,  My Skydiving Spot for Personalized Bath Towels at Prairie Town) and put that same product name in the keyword tags.

Its time for you to have a monogrammed bathrobe just like a big shot TV executive !

Deadline for this assignment is July 7, 2013

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