Hello Miss Teenage Canada Delegates from across Canada in 2013 MTC Blog Network. I’m Robert Campbell or Smojoe   Here’s me beside Katrina Hayden a speaker at 2012 Mentor night and VIP guest at the 2012 grand finale pageant event at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto. On behalf of the admin and sponsors let me say, welcome to the 2013 MTC Blog Network; its official, you’re in the army.

Its a fact that when all delegates work together they become a powerful blog army and its my challenge to find Canadian businesses that want to use this symphony of teen voices to make change and tell their business stories on the web, across the nation.  So I especially encourage all 2013 Miss Teen bloggers to activate the social media sharing buttons on the bottom of their sidebar bio boxes.  Use the Facebook, Twitter etc buttons and employ whatever else you can find as social media amplifiers to widen content dissemination. Authors please do keep writing on these blogs and continue to use your assigned blog domain after the pageant event in July to preserve a living legacy of your tenure as 2013 Regional Delegate in the Miss Teenage Canada organization, right up until December 2013. The content you create will never be deleted, and so its very possible that you will show your daughter this web blog one day, and she might even show her daughter this copy, many years from now.

Zack Werner Judge at 2012 Miss Teen Canada WorldRight now is an exciting time that gets more and more thrilling each day leading up to the moment you all meet each other in Toronto in mid July. Before that life-changing week in Toronto there will be a series of challenging blog assignments.

Prizes will be dispensed on stage in July as part of the stage show for the lucky few overachievers, but its important to remember that each teen competitor’s blog is worth 10% of their final score in the pageant.  Even more important to remember is that learning how to blog and make proper HTML web copy with pictures and text (and video embeds?) is probably the most important skill a young person can have in the workplace.

This year on July 20th 2013 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto we’re going to find out who did it best.  Read about last year’s Blog Network and the efforts of the social media queen Danica Cox and the 2012 Miss Teenage Canada pageant event in general on this hub page. full of original pictures and text detailing the rise of Megha Sandhu. Also examine this Distillery District blog post about an impromptu scavenger hunt in July 2012 in which many local businesses donated prizes.

Miss Teen Canada Blog Challenges

Everyone knows Marshall Mcluhan’s mantra, ‘the medium is the message‘ and this is perhaps never more true than in a Miss Teenage Canada Regional Delegate’s web blogs.  These are the voices of the future. The storytelling is fresh and original;  I am proud to be a 2013 Blog Judge.

BLOG JUDGES along with Christi Woolard whom I hope will also post a few words about herself here.

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