It’s no secret that adding photos to your blog posts is one of the most effective ways to enhance your writing. Pictures help people visualize your message, and make it more attractive to readers. You can add pictures to your WordPress blog three different ways.

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To get started, click the button seen here in your blog’s Content Management System (CMS) tool bar.  You can also upload videos and audio here too.   However if you are on Vimeo, you can get short codes and add videos by using the right hand most button on the top row of buttons (the yellow V).

This pop-up will ask for the source of the media .
different ways to upload mediaYou can upload pictures from 1) your own computer, or 2) a URL that ends in .jpg or .gif or .png or  3) you can peruse the media library which I believe will soon become a collection of everyone’s photos.   Do you want to try and upload an image from URL ?  Here is a web link to one of my favourite pictures from 2010 that you can practice with,

how to add media to wordpress blogIn WordPress, every piece of media has a container package. Be sure to fill out a proper Title, Alt Text and Description. Generally speaking I don’t use captions as I find they often interfere with the layout of the post and can look silly.
Don’t forget to Insert into Post as this is the most common mistake that new bloggers make when trying to post pictures. They instinctively click Save All Changes and then wonder where their picture is? It’s in your blog’s Gallery or the central Media Library waiting to be inserted into to the blog post.

Moving Pictures Around Inside Your Blog

In the Visual Editor, click on the picture and you will see it become active – your cursor will change to four-pronged compass icon; now you can drag the picture around. Navigate to the corner of the image and you’ll find that you can stretch it bigger or smaller. If you want to move the picture, the best way is to highlight it, then cut and paste it into a new spot. The best place to put pictures is the beginning of a sentence.

Editing Pictures in a WordPress Blog

editing pictures in WordPress visual editorIn the Visual Editor, click on the picture and you will see two small boxes appear in the top left corner of the image – one is blue like a painting and the other is a red circle with a line through it. Click the blue box and sub menu will appear. This is a very important thing – pictures MUST be formatted or they look terrible. Set alignment either left or right on this first pop-up screen. When you click ADVANCED SETTINGS on that menu you see another screen, which is where you can write more descriptive text and set an invisible padding around your photos.  In Advanced Settings page you will see a place to set margins and even a border. The image below has a 1 pixel border around it.

set margins on photosIn this image you can see how the blogger has set the margins to 10 pixels horizontal and vertical. This is called photo padding – this puts a space that is approx two characters wide between your picture and the rest of the text on the page.

Pictures are important. In fact we cant stress enough how important it is to have and use original images in your blog, not only here in this competition, but as a web storyteller. Original pictures separate the professionals from the amateurs because rich media is so much more powerful than text alone.

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