2012 Miss Teenage Canada Bloggers, please try to upload some video to the network this week. It doesn’t have to be either the Skyline or Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good; at this point we would just like to see people uploading anything to prove the system works. Thank you Stephanie Hutz for being the first to successfully use the video uploader. Its a fact this solution is not very intuitive, and you will have to work hard to figure out how to upload videos – below are some helpful hints.

Preparing your video for uploading

Before uploading, make sure that your video is in .mp4 format and under 20MB. If it is, skip to the next part.

If your file isn’t an mp4, download a free program called HandBrake to convert it. It is very important that you use “high profile” in the HandBrake settings.
If you can’t figure out how to use HandBrake, upload your video to YouTube and go to the next step.

How to upload your video to the site

Cursor over to the top right corner and register for an account. * Use your real name, not your title. You are the celebrity here, your title is just temporary.

Once you’ve registered, log in and go to:


Mouse over your account name in the top right and press on “add a post.”

You can choose to upload a video from your computer or add one that’s already online (YouTube, for example). If you added a URL, choose a thumbnail.

Under title write your full name and the region you represent. Example: Stephanie Hutz Miss Teenage South Calgary 2012 Calgary, AB

Under category choose “Skyline.”

Once you’ve filled in the remaining fields, press submit. Your video should now appear on the page.

Please ask questions and make suggestions in the comments of this post, and I it could become a helpful FAQ. I will add more info to the post as it occurs.

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