YouTube videos can really make your WordPress blogs shine. If you’re one of the many delegates who decides to make a daily video chronicling the best days of your pageant experience, then it would be helpful to know how to embed these video documents into your blogs.

Miss Teenage Canada videos Embedding videos into your blogs is easy, and smart, and if you are helping sponsors then it allows complimentary text with logos, graphics and contextual links to their websites. I put graphics and links in the text above and below the ‘rich media’ embed.

As the 2017 Social Media Judge, I was motivated to write this post because I see so many delegates making daily videos, but I do NOT see many videos embedded in the blogs.

Below is Mariposa Cruises, 2017 Miss World Canada Toronto Harbour Cruise which Warren Leppick of Cognition Video Productions made to chronicle our marine escapade on Wednesday the 19th of July 2017.

You can see the videographer in the orange shirt in this photo below.

2017 Miss World Canada delegates aboard Mariposa Cruises

2017 Miss World Canada delegates on Mariposa Cruises, Oriole

The video Warren made showcases over a hundred magic moments and effectively encapsulates the entire expedition from boarding to disembarkation, one hour later.

So how did I manage to embed this video into the blog?

step by step video embed into YouTubeLike this. First I found the video on YouTube. Then I clicked Share which opened a second menu upon which i clicked Embed and then when the iframe code popped up I clicked it to copy it into my clipboard.

You can change the size of the iframe by clicking ‘more’ and size is one the options. The bottom line is, you need to get that code in your clipboard before you can move onto the next step.

how to embed videos in YouTube blog

Paste the iframe script into the text editor of your WordPress Blog. Below is what the snippet of code should look like – its not very long and is book-ended by the <iframe> script syntax.

ifram script in WordPress blog

Toggle back to the visual editor, and the video script will morph to show the video’s thumbnail image from YouTube, but if it just shows a yellow box with a screw head that’s okay too.

When you Publish it should show the video. You can further refine the experience by allowing full screen, or not.  And by making it NOT play other (competitors?) videos at the end. You can select these options and more in the menus on YouTube.

The process for embedding media from Vimeo is much the same.






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