logoIt might help some of the 2016 Miss Teenage Canada Regional Delegates prepare for Toronto and the Grand Finale on Sunday 24th July 2016, by visualizing the event signage in the lobby for the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Exhibition Place.  And maybe you could try your hand designing a ‘trade show banner’!

rollup banner






This is Blog Assignment #2 where we challenge our blogger’s graphic design skills.  We’d like to see you incorporate the MTC logo (you can use the existing logo above or design a fresh logo) inside a new and original design that you have created / embedded right here in your blog post.  Simply make a picture that we can use to make a new ‘Rollup Banner’.

DIMENSIONS: The image will be need to be expanded to 33 inches wide and 80 inches in height.

Sign Source Solution, logoThe good people at Sign Source Solution are donating a roll-up banner to the Miss Teenage Canada organization. This versatile printing company specializes in making all types of business signs and event signage and that includes trade show style roll-up banners. They are located right here in Toronto and they think it would be neat to help this event get more eyeballs on the 24th of July and in the future.  Someone from the company will be at the big show to pose with the winning designer beside their winning design come-to-life as a Roll-up Banner in the theatre lobby.

Here are some examples of Roll-up Banners that the company has created. Can you picture what a winning design would look like for Miss Teenage Canada?

standard banner

Trade show displays are typically very modular and portable systems. They are easy to assemble, and easy pack up and put away too, and they travel well. The winning design will be,

Simple and attractive. You can use pictures (like the cougar or the bus you see above), but keep it simple and clean.

Have no dates  (this banner will be used on the 24th of July 2016 here in Toronto, but it was also be used all next year and forevermore, so it should NOT have any dates on it.

Fit the dimensions of 33 x 80 inches. You can see the size.

Have a logo and other design elements so that it compliments the existing signage but adds another dimension or visual idea to the mix. logo

When you finish your amazing design please don’t hesitate to tweet out the image with a blog URL (to your Blog Assignment #2) and include

And if you really want to go the extra mile you can LIKE the Sign Source Solution page on Facebook where , who knows, your image may be part of the Story of the MTC Sign in August 2016.




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