Attention 2012 Miss Teenage Canada Bloggers, Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good is one of the three assignments that will comprise 10% of your score.  Participation is mandatory.

What’s the point of looking good if you’re not helping make the world a better place?

Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good Video Challenge explores beauty in action.
The Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good Video Challenge
Central to the entire 2012 Miss Teen Canada Blog Network competition, this exciting contest provides each finalist with the opportunity to get creative, express their unique personality, present themselves in the media, and compete for great prizes. Plus, each submission could be included in a breakout movie event. That’s right, we’re making a movie!

Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good!
Lauren Howe at Miss Teen Onatrio It’s a mini competition where everybody wins. While not everyone gets to appear in the final movie, the best submissions will be rewarded with tons of high impact exposure. All of the contestants will be expected to shoot and produce their own ten sec video contribution and upload it to the MTCW blog network (or to YouTube after which they can share the URL on our platform).

Everybody is going to put on their thinking caps and create their unique perspective into this exciting project. We are looking for Miss Teenage Canada Finalists doing outrageous acts of goodness or kindness while dressed for the runway with maximum glam, complete with sash and crown.

Some easy-to-shoot sequences would include helping an elder person cross a busy street, or carrying groceries, picking up trash beside a lonely highway, planting trees in the Tar Sands or whatever fabulous idea you can imagine…

Each subject should remember to show the ‘feel good’ part.  Smiling with satisfaction is important, especially if the action was really outrageous!

Each participant will shoot their video, and then perhaps edit it down to keep it within the 10 second maximum (ideally it should be just one shot) and upload it to,

VOTING – Get hearts by using your blog, Facebook, Twitter or smart phone to get your friends and family to vote. The top ten most popular videos will win prizes outlined below, and be featured in a professionally edited digital movie set to fabulous music and shared with the world.

Delegates please note, if your camera makes any format other than mp4 you must use YouTube or another 3rd party video hosting website to upload, and then share URL on our website  as per options

The contest administrators will review all submissions and a panel of independent judges will narrow the search down and decide on the most  unique, original, charming, funny or compelling submissions to be included in the final piece. The top selections will be edited together and set to music in a montage of ‘heroic beauty in action’ sequences.

PROMOTING YOUR SUBMISSIONS – All submissions should be blogged about, with video embeds if possible, and include behind-the-scenes pictures and anecdotes. All blogs should link to under the keywords “Canada’s Best Professional Hair and Beauty School”.   read that last sentence again its really important.

Aveda Institutes CanadaThe top ten videos (as voted by you and your peers) each get $100 worth of Aveda Gift Cards plus honorable mention.
The top ten user-ranked clips advance to the finals competition where a panel of Judges will decide who best represented the Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good motif.
The grand prize winner will receive a $500 AVEDA gift card good for free AVEDA product, or a mother & daughter Spa experience, plus a $500 donation to their “free the children” fundraising campaign. The entire event will be chronicled in the media, on press releases and featured in online magazines including

Experience tells us an early start can often collect a larger share of the votes. Don’t wait. Shoot your ten second clip and upload it today.

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