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are you feeling adventurous, investigate this link and try to join and upload media ,


Help us test Miss Teenage Canada Blog Network’s new video upload button and editors, and contribute to an emerging youth orientated broadcast system. Unlike everyone else who makes videos and posts them on YouTube, when we get together, we can broadcast our user generated media in 75 players across Canada! There are video players on each Miss Teen blog, in every blog sidebar – so we can show off our creativity on 75 popular websites at the same time!  Yes, we are a Canadian Broadcaster.

2012 Miss Teenage Skyline Video project will collect media until noon July 1st 2012. This is a great way to introduce yourself to the network, and show us your kingdom at the same time. Its also a fine way for us to test and make something to show sponsors that demonstrates our creativity, reach and youth marketing efficiency.

Skyline Video Badges for members. There are badges to be had here – the program will award every participant that makes the final cut with a Skyline Video badge, and exclusive promotional media for their blogs. This could be a screen grab from their video that can be posted as a picture, with a banner, like I have done above, but more stylish.

SHOOTING – 15 seconds MAX
Find a great location from which will amaze viewers.
Introduce yourself first, and your skyline second. Talk fast.
You can pinpoint attractions with your finger – do not add effects to video.
Hold on shot of skyline for 5 seconds at end. Yes that means you have to do the above in 10 sec or less. Hopefully less. Why? Think about it – the ideal video should be less than four minutes and yet there are seventy five of us shooting ten seconds each… so talk fast.

You must hold the shot of the skyline CLEAN at the beginning and end of the take. This is most important – we are going to do some dissolves off the skyline so UNLIKE MY VIDEO DEMO you must hold the shot (steady) on a nice frame of the skyline at the end for 3-5  seconds.

Do not be in the shot when it begins or ends – just hold a clean shot of the skyline.

START your video with a 3-5 sec long static shot of your skyline and pan down to find your face. That way we can dissolve from one skyline to another as we travel across Canada.

Miss Teenage Skyline Badge
There will be one special badge and rare honour bequeathed on the one participant whom Admin decrees as having the best submission based on quality of presentation including script, content, voice and manner, camera work, and technical prowess – being on time budget. This badge will be entirely meaningless but still it will mean something…  There will be no prize because remember, this is only a test.

Good luck!

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