A Call for Pictures of People and Places in Pageant Week

If its not too much trouble, I’d like bloggers to post pictures of their summer activities on their blogs. Share with us your best pictures from the summer and give a shout out to friends in the photos. Here’s a shot of 18yr old Megha Sandhu when she came to visit and we had lunch in Pure Spirits oyster restaurant in Toronto at the very beginning of her reign. I wrote up the occasion in 2013 Miss Teenage Canada in Distillery District Blog.
Pure Spirits, dining, oysters, crown, Miss Teen Canada

Megha Sandhu at The Distillery District with Segway Dealership

Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good video

Presented by Aveda Institute Professional Hair and Make-Up Schools, the Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good video  was made by combining thirty or more bits from 2012 regional delegates video submissions.

The videos that were included here are the best of the best, but you can see all of the submissions by navigating over to the Miss Teen Canada Blog Network Video Page.

Congratulations Somer McNeil . And thanks again to Somer McNeil for the write up about the Look Good Do Good Feel Good video challenge on her blog, wherein she explains how Starfire, a trained carrier pigeon, doubled for the seabird that needed rescue.

There’s no doubt, beauty superheroes do help make the world a better place.

Squidoo Lens mashes up good memories of 2012 Regional Delegates

There are already a great many stories, images and videos stored on the 2012 Miss Teenage Canada Regional Delegates Squidoo Lens which will forever archive the 2012 event participants against the backdrop of their blogs and achievements.  The first posts are sponsored by Toronto roof.  You can see a comprehensive index of the 2012 Regional Delegate’s very first introductory blog posts in the Scavenger Hunt Chronicles recorded on the Distillery District blog.

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