Miss Teen Kapuskasing, Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good

This video was during Canada day activities. The smiles I received made everything worth it <3  



Miss Teen Burnaby - World 2012 ~ Aveda Look good, Do good , Feel good Video Challenge

Hello, Here is my Aveda Look good, Do good , Feel good Video Challenge! For my video I had decided to volunteer at my cites local daycare centre and spend a day with the kids  It was a fun day filled with laughter and memories! I really enjoyed the opportunity of being able to work with the kids and help make a difference in their day! I loved being able to [...]



Shelby-Lynn Prioriello Miss Teen King Township-World 2012 Ontario, CA

Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good- Charity Dog Wash



Miss Teen Nova Scotia-World 2012 Kelley Penney - Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good.

Supported by the Aveda Institute http://www.avedainstitute.ca/.  As Miss Teen Nova Scotia-World 2012, I am proceeding to be passionate and make time for the things I enjoy doing. In my look good, do good, feel good video I spent my time sitting within the nature in my community. I went to the local pond which is filled with several ducks with whom I fed. The beautiful Shelburne County, Nova Scotia.



Look Good Do Good Feel Good Challenge. Stacey Cox Miss Teen East Central Alberta - World 2012

This is my submission for the Aveda, Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good challenge. When I found out about the assignment, I was stumped on what to do that would be genuine and a spontaneous act of kindness, which was what we were asked to do. Then, while at one of my fundraisers, a senior lady needed help with her groceries, so I picked them up and put them in [...]



Miss Teen Calgary- World 2012 Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good

Helping out for the Treacherous Heart movie premiere. Hanging up pictures, backround, interviewing, hosting and tickets. I love being able to be a part in helping out new media and creative ideas happening in Calgary! =)          



Nikita Kahpeaysewat Miss Teen Western Saskatchewan 2012 North Battleford, Sk

This article contains NSFW information. To read this information you need to be logged in.



Miss Teen South Calgary World 2012 - Look Good Do Good Feel Good Video 2012

I decided to help out around my community complex and water my neighbors flowers.



Miss Teen British Columbia 2012-Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good 2012-Aveda Challenge

For the Aveda challenge 2012, I donated toys at the donation bin at BC Children’s Hospital. A simple act that can make anyone feel good! Please “heart”! Thanks everyone



Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good with Miss Teen Okanagan World 2012

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Nieberle and I am Miss Teen Okanagan World 2012! This video is for the Miss Teen Canada World pageant, my mission, to do something good and to feel good in doing so, and to look good well doing it. Bringing flowers to the seniors home out in the beautiful Lumby, Okanagan. bringing them to a lovely lady, even though she will not remember me [...]