Welcome guests and Miss Teen bloggers,

you made it here. This is the place we like to stand to watch over the entire blog network.  Look around and you’ll see dozens of Delegates in the Search for Miss Teenage Canada, blogging to keep everyone connected to, and preserve a record of their experiences as Region Title Holders.

This is where we get a glimpse into each of our participant’s daily lives and we can see the hard work they are doing to help others, including Free The Children and in other local charities and events.  Pictures are important and so are great storyful descriptions and informative text. Blogging is an art form as much as it is a science, and this is a place where we practice the craft until we are perfect.

If you are one of the MTC National Delegates, then congratulations! You will find helpful resources here.  Your assignments will appear here as separate PAGES alongside tips and tricks to help you optimize your domains for maximum readership and findability on Google.

more later



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