Introducing the 2016 Miss Teenage Canada – Official Blog Assignment #1

Tell us why anyone should want to visit your city, town or region of Canada?

map of Canada

Every destination across our great nation has at least one special thing to offer the public that more or less defines that location. Its the one thing people say most when you tell them where you’re from… “Oh isn’t that where ‘X’ is?’ And you could substitute X for anything from a Big Apple monument alongside the hwy, to a Zoo for wild buffalo.

Here’s a picture we snapped at The EX here in our region, downtown Toronto.  This is a good picture to use to show you all what we expect here at MTC Blog Network Admin concerning this assignment.

event photography

The task requires the author create a lifestyle / travel blog post that highlights a popular tourist destination in their region, and please do put the name of the attraction in the blog post title (along with Assignment 1). Then follow a journalistic approach describing the best parts of the hot spot.

Where is the place exactly? Who owns the joint? What do people do there? How do they do it? When do they do it? and WHY?  The best blog posts have been well researched and share rare tidbits of knowledge and little known facts.  Give us the history of the area and be sure and relate any myths or legends that make the setting extra cool.

exploring tourist attractionsThe article should also have some personal accounts; how did the place make you feel when you last visited?

Also, and perhaps most important, what little secrets can you share? Being as how you live in the area you must have some rare insider knowledge of things like the maybe the best menu items? Or the best places to park your car? Or the best place to sit to watch a show, or the best deals on souvenirs or even drink specials. Spill the beans on the situation.

Bonus points for bloggers who can make videos at the location and host them on YouTube and then embed them into their blogs by copying and pasting the embed code (in the html editor) into the blog post.  That’s advanced.







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