Hello Search for Miss Teenage Canada Finalists. To properly start your journey as bloggers on the Miss Teenage Canada Blog Network, you must write an introductory post that will appear above the bumper separating you from last year’s title holder.

Headline must be Hello from ( your REAL FIRST NAME), Miss Teenage (TITLE) (YEAR)
example: Hello from Christi, Miss Teenage Elliot Lake 2016

Siera Bearchell in Toronto after winning the crownIt will be the first result that appears in all search engines for your name as a search query forevermore – unless your name is Kate Smith or something common or shared with another popular celebrity. Check it out – type in any of the girls’ names from last year and you will see their Miss Teenage blogs are first result on Google.

Pictures – this post should have pictures and there are three different ways that can happen.  Read this special PAGE for in detail instructions on How To Add Pictures To Your WordPress Blog.

Write descriptive text about yourself, expand on your bio and give readers something to contemplate about your life. Describe the socioeconomic, cultural or geographic situation that is your own unique perspective on life in Canada as a teen girl age 14-18.

Hello, I’m __name___ from __geographic location __,  and I’m really interested in _____ (skiing, surfing, horseback riding, auto racing etc)  local activities  WHY.. Image if you were just recruited a citizen journalist for a lifestyle web magazine that’s interested in your area… What would you write about?

Give readers a wide angle picture showing yourself doing whatever it is that that you do best…  For example if you ride horses or keep tropical plants or fix homeless people’s signs we want to see a picture of that    Stand beside your baked goods, homemade beauty products, or handcrafted teddy bears.  Give readers something to remember you by.

Accomplishments: I’m the president of the blank blank high school debate team and I’m also a power wrestler. Here are pictures of me and my friends inside my high school having a debate, making music or playing sports.

This first post should be all about you and why you are so special. The most important part is to format your headline, for example: ANNE DOE, 2011 Miss Teenage Ontario .

This introductory post will be mashed up into other media and so it is important to get it right, even though its not scored and is in fact the only post wherein blog network administrators can add and subtract text, and add links to national sponsors.


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